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PROJECT - New Solar Powered Bore Water Pump and Plumbing repairs - High Standard Christian School, Kateera, Keboga, Uganda

HSCS School children have been carting contaminated creek water long distances since the school's old water bore pump finally died. Due to dirty water, many children contracted Typhoid and were unable to do their exams at the end of 2019. Glorifier International, with your help, will provide half the cost of the new bore pump and plumbing repairs (AUD $1,795), and the full cost of the solar power supply for the pump (AUD $2,560). HSCH school is covering the other half of the pump and plumbing repairs. This project will supply clean water directly into the holding tanks and there will be a new tap plumbed through the school's exterior wall for the community to access.

 Fetching WaterOld PumpWater TanksProposed New Bore Pump